Years ago, I received a birthday gift that acted as a spark to my creative senses. I may not have realized it back then, but this rather small device, which people use mostly for phone calls, texting and social media, came to play a major role in my artistic development. Photography is now a passion thanks to an iPhone.
I proceeded to shoot with an DLSR and then a mirrorless camera, but my iPhone is after all, the lens that is always with me. I photograph what I see and what moves me, be it just a fleeting moment. There is beauty in everything around us. It’s found in nature, the diverse landscape, the sunset, the ocean as well as the people and daily grind of city life, the abandoned buildings, the old, the rusty and the forgotten.  
-Jeanette Serrat

Originally born and raised in Sweden, Jeanette moved permanently to the U.S. in 2002 and she is now residing in the Philadelphia area. Creative expression, be it through music, singing, crafts or visual arts, has always been an important part of her life. Jeanette is also a vintage & antiques dealer with her business called De La Luna Vintage (@delalunavintage) offering rustic home decor.